Redwood Empire Pool League

2024-2025 Sessions 8-Ball Teams

The purpose of the Redwood Empire Pool League is to improve the image of our sport by encouraging friendly competition, fair play and good sportsmanship within all levels of players, from the beginner to the expert.


Here is what we expect from the teams:

  1. Remain in good standing.
  2. Fill out a Code of Conduct and Ethics agreement the first week of play.  If  the league does not receive the signed Code of Conduct and Ethics  agreement the first night of  play, then that team’s scores will not be counted.  Each year all players must sign a NEW  Code of Conduct and Ethics agreement, effective June 1st through May 31st of the following year.
  3. Fill out and return your team roster  with complete information the first night of play or the team scores will not be   counted.
  4. Agree to abide by all policies and procedures set forth by Redwood Empire BCA Pool  League.
  5. Each member is  responsible to pay all established fees and conduct him or herself in a  civilized and reasonable manner.
  6. Each member is      responsible for maintaining his or her eligibility throughout the season. All players must pay an annual $20 BCA registration fee.  Each member shall familiarize him or  herself with the BCA/Redwood Empire BCA league rules and conduct.
  7. All players MUST sign a release of  liability form to participate in the BCA league.



  1. A team will  consist of 5 regular players and up to 3 substitutes.
  2. There will be no roster changes after the 10th week of play.



  A player will receive one (1) point for each ball he/she has pocketed, plus one (1) point for the legally pocketed 8-ball, for a total of eight (8) points for the win. The loser will receive one (1) point for each legally pocketed ball that he/she pockets.



  1. Add the scores for each of the five players in each round. For the team’s total points, add points acquired in all five rounds.
  2. Team wins by most rounds won.


There are five (5) rounds of play each night. Each team will receive a W (win) for the round with the most points and an L (loss) for losing the round. It is possible to tie a round with the same score. In the event of a tie, the team with the most wins (8 point scores) in that round will win that tie and be scored a W (win). If the teams score the same amount of points at the end of the fifth round, the team with the most games won will get the sixth round win.


At the end of the 14-week session, the top half of the teams in each division, decided by the most rounds won, will compete for the bonus trip money to Las Vegas. The bottom half teams will play for money allocated. Team placement for play-off positions and final team rankings, will be determined by number of rounds won; if a tie, then number of games won; and, if another tie, then the total points.


LEAGUE DIRECTOR:  The League Director reserves the right to make discretionary decisions as to the placement of teams within divisions and players on teams.  This is intended to ensure fairness and similar competitive levels within each division at all levels of play.  If the local rules do not cover a specific subject then members should refer to the BCA national rule book.





Starting time will be 7:30 pm on Mondays thru Thursday, Sunday’s at 7:00pm (real time, not bar time) unless otherwise noted.


Each team is allowed five (5) minutes after starting time for players to arrive. After this time, the match must start. After five (5) minutes, the clock starts, allowing five (5) minutes for each match. Teams may start without a full complement of players if at least three players are present. If a team does not show up to play after 20 minutes, the night will be considered a Forfeit. Forfeits are scored as follows:


□     Players that forfeit get a Zero (0) for that round.

□     Winning player scores 8 points for the winning round.


A tardy player may play in the next round after he/she arrives.




In the event of a full-team forfeit, the winning team will receive six (6) round wins and 200 points.The forfeiting team will receive zero (0) wins and zero (0) points.


No Team Forfeits will be allowed the last two weeks of play. If this happens, all scores will be factored out of the session and that team will forfeit all of its winnings. Forfeiting teams may be dropped from the league and not allowed to return to future sessions.


The player shooting, or any designated person or referee (third party asked to watch a close shot) may call fouls. No other player or spectator is allowed to call a foul. It is the responsibility of the player to keep an eye on his or her game. Any foul called by someone other than the above will not be considered a foul.


All players will rack their own break.  The opposing player has the right to check the rack.  If he/she believes the rack is not correct then he/she may ask for a re-rack.


If a player inadvertently plays another player in a wrong round of play, and the correct player had the break, then the game will be scored.  If the wrong player had the break, then that game will be re-played with the correct player breaking as soon as the mistake is realized or identified.


If a Player intentionally hits – slaps – bumps or in any other method tries to divert the path of a ball, that will be a ball in hand foul.




Only team captains may “officially” protest a match. The protest must be declared immediately and not after the game is over. If the two captains cannot agree to a solution, then:


  1. The game will  continue under protest.
  2. The match will be completed.
  3. Both captains will submit IN WRITING their viewpoint of the protest to the League  Director within one week.
  4. Failure to submit a claim by one Captain will result in favor of the submitting  Captain’s claim.
  5. Failure to  comply by both captains will result in the game standing as completed.
  6. The decision of  the League Director is final.




  1. 1.    The team captain will be the team’s representative and be responsible for the conduct, attendance, fees and paperwork for all members on their team. In the absence of the captain, the co-captain will be responsible for those duties.


  1. CASH ONLY. Dues must be paid in cash (no checks) each week with $75 per team ($15ea) in the score sheet envelope to be left at the Home team’s location, to be picked up by a league official the day following your match.  If a player does not pay his/her dues for that week of play, then the team will not receive points for that week.  .


  1. BYE.  If there is a BYE in your division schedule you have 3 weeks to pay:  The week before the BYE, the week of the BYE, or the week after the BYE.  Your team will forfeit the points for that week and continue to owe the money if the BYE has not been paid by the end of the third week.


  1. SCORE SHEETS must have full names of players plus all dues paid must be clearly indicated on the score sheet and dues envelope to be accurately documented. It is up to the team captain to make sure each team member is up-to-date with dues paid and properly recorded with the league. A list of player’s dues will be provided if requested.


  1. 5.    ROSTER CHANGES. You can play as many players as needed up to the end of the tenth (10th) week of play as long as a Code of Conduct and new sign-up sheet and BCA member dues are provided in the score sheet envelope for that player. No Code of Conduct, Roster Sheet and/or no BCA Member Dues means the team’s score will not be counted unless prior arrangements have been made ahead of time with a league official. No roster changes can be made after the tenth (10th) week of play. There is a maximum of eight (8) players on one team at any given time. If you are adding a player, you must drop a player to bring your total to eight (8) players at one time. We need to know who is being added and who is being dropped. A player may play on 1 team only in a 14 week session.


  1. PLAYOFFS. All team players must have played at least five (5) weeks of play to qualify for the team playoffs. Players must have completed at least eight (8) weeks of play in the session to qualify for the Las Vegas Tournament. Any unpaid dues will have to be paid in full before playoffs for teams and members to qualify in any playoff or risk disqualification.



  1. Team captains must provide legal names –date of birth and current contact information to league officials with detailed address – city – zip code – phone  and email for contact purposes, the first night of play.


  1. The decision to postpone or reschedule a regular match must be made at least 24 hours prior to the match or the opposing team captain has the right, if he or she so chooses, to declare a forfeit.  A postponed match must be made up within 3 weeks, or neither team will receive points and monies are still owed to the league.


  1. A minimum of six (6) teams in a division must compete the entire session in order for the first place team to qualify for the BCA National Championship prize award. (This is a BCA Pool League requirement to play in the Las Vegas tournament.)


  1. There will be no arguing with the BCA Referee during playoff competition. Any disruption by players in the game or team members viewing the game will result in automatic loss of game at the discretion of the BCA Referee.


  1. An Aramith cue ball or equivalent is the official cue ball to be used.  Cue balls may not be changed after practice time and before official play starts.


  1. It is the captain’s responsibility to ensure that every player on his/her team understands and abides by the rules of the game.




Playoffs will be a race to thirteen (13) in the style of Las Vegas. No two players will play each other twice. At least five (5) players and up to eight (8) can be played in the playoffs if subs have qualified by playing at least five (5) weeks of play in that session.  The highest ranking team will be the home team and will break first.



Good Luck, Shoot Well, and most of all ~ HAVE FUN…………….



League Director: Ron Schisler     707-291-8860