Mike Massey will be at Dog House Billiards

World renown pool player Mike Massey will be at Dog House Billiards this Saturday 7:00pm for a free show. Sunday clinics available starting at 1:00pm, Come take advantage of this opportunity to work with a hall of fame pool player to improve your game. $100 per person


BCA Pool League Get New Identities

BCA Pool League
The BCA Pool League is a league-sanctioning organization established in 1978 by the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) as a means to unify independent leagues around the world. In 2004, the BCA decided to sell the league to CueSports International. Today, the BCA Pool League is the oldest and largest league-sanctioning organization in the world and is also powered by FargoRate.

Today, BCA Pool League denotes Billiards & Cuesports Association Pool League but will continue to be referred to as the BCA Pool League. This name accurately reflects what it is – a global association for all types and sizes of pool leagues. We are confident that the new identity properly conveys this image and will resonate with our members. The primary and alternate versions of the new BCA Pool League identity are shown below.

For more information about the BCA Pool League, visit www.playbcapool.com.


Reminder to all teams this is week #2 on the schedule, Please fill out the official sign-up sheet (blue) and Code of Conduct.

If you didn’t play last session the yearly dues ($30) is owed. Please check with your team members and the opposing team captain to establish a date for the week #1 make up matches.

Division 4 schedule change, Hot Pockets added.