Schedules are posted for the 7 week short session.

Divisions 2,3 & 5 for teams and scotch doubles division 1.

Congratulations to all of our pool league members that were at the 2023 BCA Nationals in Las Vegas.

4th place:  9-Ball Teams Platinum, Three Amigos

Bee Davison, Kevin McLaughlin, Antonio Martinez


5th place; 8- Ball Scotch Doubles Gold,

Antonio Martinez & Raymond Mercado


9th place: 9-Ball Teams Platinum, Who’s Up First

Dennis Wilkenson, Alex Mason, Shan Damani


17th place: Scotch Doubles Bronze

Estelle Mays & Thayer McDougle


Antonio Martinez 9SG: 17th

Estelle Mays L8SS: 17th

Raymond Mercado 9SG: 25th



Congratulations to all of our playoff winners for the trips to the BCA/ACS Nationals events in Las Vegas !!

Division 2     60%

Division 3     Chalking Dead

Division 5     Face up Balls Down

Division 7     Broken Cue

Division 8/9  3Amigos

Scotch Doubles 1    8-Ballers

Scotch Doubles 2    Late Commers

Divisions 2,3 & 5 have been updated 2/16 Please check your final standings. Playoff schedule will be posted later today.

Play-offs 2-18 2-19-23

Playoffs 2-18 19-2023

Playoffs start on Saturday 2/18 for 8-Ball Teams top 4 and Sunday 2/19 for the bottom 4 teams. Start times are 12:00, 3:00, 6:00

Scotch Doubles Playoffs will also be this Sunday starting at noon.

Happy New Year !

Dog House Billiards will be close at 6:00pm on Christmas Eve and be closed Christmas Day. Please have a safe Holiday Season with family & friends.

Scores have been updated