2020 Las Vegas trip winners options.

Teams that won Trip to Las Vegas 2020


Leave money in bank or receive it.

If you leave money in bank your team will automatically be entered in the 2021 Las Vegas tournament.

Players can play on different teams in the 2020/2021 year, but the original team has to have 3 players from the 2019/2020  team to play in Las Vegas.

If your team leaves money in bank you can not play for the trip in 2020/2021 sessions.

If you receive money, you will have to play and win in the next sessions or pay your way in to play in the 2021 tournament.

If your team paid their way in to the Las Vegas tournament, you may receive the money back when the league receives it back from the A C S or the B C A P L.

If your team leaves the money in the bank , you will automatically be entered in the 2021 tournament.

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