Acting on proposals generated by the membership at the 2019 American CueSports Alliance (ACS) Nationals in Las Vegas, NV, the 2019-20 ACS Board of Directors approved two new policies effective immediately for future national-ACS-produced events: OMEGA BILLIARDS ACS MIDWEST 8-BALL CHAMPIONSHIPS and the OMEGA BILLIARDS ACS NATIONALS.


1). 9-Ball Team Upgrades: Roster members of 9-Ball Teams at the ACS Nationals that place in the top 6% of the field will be upgraded to the next level if on a future team. Example: All roster members of a team that places first place in the Mens Standard 9-Ball Team division will be considered “Open Team” players if placed on the roster of either a 9-Ball Team or 8-Ball Team. If 1st place in the Womens Open 9-Ball Team division, each player on the winning roster will be rated as an “Advanced Team” player in both future 9-Ball and 8-Ball Team play at the ACS Nationals. Being upgraded as a Team player will not necessarily affect the player’s Singles rating. This policy will begin reflecting the results from the 2019 ACS Nationals and hereafter.

2). New Professional Guidelines: Professional-rated players are ineligible to compete in ACS-produced events. The ACS will recognize as “professional-rated” 1). those players already listed as “Professional” on the ACS ratings list; 2). any female player Fargo-rated over 630 or male player Fargo-rated over 720; 3). or any player adjudged by the ACS tournament committee to be “Professional” from “Known Ability (KA).” Players may contact ACS to lobby to be downgraded if they can show justifiable reasons. “Fargo rating” is only one of many resources ACS uses in determining the skill level of a player.”

These guidelines do NOT override the guidelines that an ACS-affiliated state association or CCS (Canada) may publish. Players should take care to read the entry guidelines for any event they desire to enter.